Friday, November 23, 2012

Beautiful Yard

Before reading this please understand that everything good that is happening in my life is because of my relationship with Jesus Christ. I do not mean to make it sound like I am special in any way. What I have in my proverbial yard was planted and tended by God. He wants the same for each and every one of us.
While praying this morning for friends of mine, who are not saved, I had an image pop into my head.
I saw my back yard, which represents my heart, surrounded by the fence we have. In my yard all the seeds that have been planted, compassion, humility,patience,chastity and love, have started to grow. To blossom. Because of being fertilized by my faith and God's grace and love.. I saw some of my friends peeking over the fence looking at all the beautiful things that have started to grow. I prayed that they would choose to have the same seeds that God planted grow in their yard like they are growing in mine. That the changes they see in my life will inspire them to open up to God themselves.  That they would allow God to fertilize them and nourish these seeds by attending church, reading and studying the Bible and having an active prayer life.
God wants to help us all. He wants us all to grow in these ways. But He will not force Himself or His ways upon us. We have to open the gate to our yard and let Him in so He can fertilize and tend the garden.

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