Monday, May 16, 2011

Realizing How Blessed We Are

I was watching a video yesterday on YouTube where a Muslim woman was calling into a Christian talk show from Morocco. She was very upset because she wanted to convert to Christianity and have her children become Christians but in her country, at least according to this video, her husband can leave her for this and she will lose her children. The pain in her voice touched me. It made me realize how blessed we are in our country to have a choice in these matters. It also helped me remember that there is always a risk we take by becoming a Christian. It may be as small a thing as having our friends reject us or being treated differently by people. Or it could be as substantial as having our children taken away or losing our lives.
I do believe that God says he will provide for us in these situations but I also believe we have to be willing to sacrifice everything to get right with God. I am willing to lose my friends and clients and job and money to do what God wants me to do. I am sure the choice is much more difficult when it comes to life or family or being completely ostracized.
Lord please give this women the strength to take that leap of faith and allow Jesus Christ to come into her heart.
Here's the video.


  1. You are so right Garrett! Many people here in this country do not understand that the freedom we have to choose to worship the way we want is such a privilege!! For many, including this woman, it could cost her way more than just her husband and children, but it COULD cost her, her life! It breaks my heart to hear the fear and pain and difficulty!! I pray that others that have seen this video and your message will pray for her!!! And the salvation of her children and husband! This is a miracle we desire!!! For the glory of God!!!

  2. Wow what a powerful video. It is amazing, really. The fact that she lives in the UK really attests to what is happening in Europe in regard to Shariah law being given favor in certain places, and it is jeopardizing the freedoms of people like this. God bless her.

  3. Agreed. God bless her and the UK right now. Seems people are genuinely trying to destroy it. Have you seen the video of the Muslim man saying they are gonna take over certain neighborhoods in London and make them Sharia law zones with people patrolling to enforce sharia law?