Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I talked to a friend of mine today about how I should express my views on things so people will hear me. I get angry and say things very bluntly sometimes. Then when the person I am talking to gets mad I get more angry and nothing is accomplished.
What I got from our conversation today was its all in the delivery. I need to think about whether I want to be right or I want to be heard and understood.
I think a lot about what I believe and sometimes I have a hard time seeing other peoples points of view. Other times I am threatened by their beliefs so instead of listening I think of how I am going to answer or fight back.
I want to make a career out of writing and hopefully helping people. An important part of accomplishing that goal is remembering what my point is.
I don't need to be right I need to be heard. That is something I will need to repeat over and over until it sinks in.
Thanks Maija.


  1. I think many of us have the same problem, but that's what's nice about blogging, you can test the waters, put it out there, and see how you affect folks.

  2. I agree. Blogging has good and bad aspects to it. One of the good sides is testing the water. I just hope people hear my meaning and not my words necessarily.